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We are Atheists and as Atheists we are not bad people, we are good people with a love for animals, we do not share your beliefs but we do respect them and also believe we could be wrong, if this is the case we do not want to see the animals you have loved and cared for left behind to suffer without anyone to care for them.

We are a small group based in the UK but growing in number and all of us are animal lovers, we may not share your beliefs but we do share your love of animals and hate to see any animal suffer, we will collect your pet(s) after The Rapture has occurred and care for them giving them a new home with love and comfort giving you the reassurance that your pet(s) will not be left alone cold and hungry with no one to care for them.

All we ask is that you make a donation to a pet charity and send details of this donation with proof of donation to us along with the details of the pets(s) you wish us to collect and look after when you are gone.

Charities suggested for donations:

PDSA for pets in need of vets: Every year PDSA treats 350,000 pets, this great work is only possible thanks to our supporters. www.pdsa.org.uk

Blue Cross For Pets: Finding new homes for unwanted pets www.bluecross.org.uk

DogsTrust: giving a home to thousands of stray and abandoned dogs www.dogstrust.org.uk

You may use these links to make a direct donation to one of these worthy causes as we are sure you care for your pets there are many more animals in the UK suffering on a daily basis and they all need our love and help.

Please feel free to browse our site and pass any comments or questions you may have onto us, we are more than happy to converse with you if it helps put your mind at rest.


- The Rapture Rescue Team -

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